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Hey Cliff!
Great to hear your news on how things are going! Such a special thing to go through this, isn't it? Aren't we the lucky ones? I have not lost any weight in my neck.... probably due to the scar tissue keeping my neck fat, ya think? And I still want to use some pain killers... an Ultracet here, half a Percocet there.... sometimes a whole Percocet, and occasionally a cyclobenzaprine (gen Flexeril). And sometimes use diphenhydramine (Benedryl) to sleep. I still have the short fat guy in stillettos tapping on my right shoulder, and occasionally I feel pain all down my right arm... aside from the fact I get worn out real easily from exertion.

Starting at about 2-2 1/2 weeks, the fancy, contoured foam pillow I had bought a few years ago started feeling good to me (I sleep without a collar, as long as I'm laying down and won't get into some wierd position that will kink my neck); currently, I'm still sleeping about 10 hours a night! I just need to catch up on all the sleep I've been missing all these years.

But I've started cooking a few meals... getting ready for when it's just my son and me for a few weeks. Yeah, I've got a son moving in again after 5 years away! More on that under my own (old) thread, but maybe not tonight.

Cliff, remember that pillows and cushions, lots of them, are your real, true friends! Experiment with them in different combos and positions. For a while, I liked to lay a couch cushion propped against the couch arm, with another soft pillow at its base, and a pillow under my knees. This was as close as I could get to a 45 degree slanted cushion. And it helped if I could wedge my head against something... it just takes imagination and desperation to make something work. :D

I'll have to send your Bart phrases to my kids, both dyed in the wool Simpson fans; they'll love them! I had no idea there were so many of them, but I should have suspected!

Take care, Cliff! See what else you can "dream up" in the wee hours when you can't sleep!
wr :wave:
PS Today I'm 4 weeks post-op!

[*]12/29/89 C5-6 Microdiskectomy (no fusion)
[*]4/9/03 ACDF C4-7 with plating and donor bone