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Hello Cathric,
I'm glad your breathing is better. I'm doing alot better on the breathing side but the swallowing hasn't improved that much. My Gastro doctor ,this past wednesday, tried to balloon my throat but it didn't help any. He said my throat is swollen a small amount on the inside but mostly on the outside. He gave me Famotidine..20 mgm,I think those are muscle relaxers, and cyclobenzaprine...10 mg. As far as the swallowing, I'm haven't seen any improvement except pills don't get hung in my throat... well, only once a week or so but solid foods will. That has to mean the swelling is going down but slowly. The Gastro doc said it will get better but it's going to take time.

Food and drink still taste and smell terrible. My GP has me taking zinc tablets daily. He "thinks" I'm low on zinc.( He never did blood work to know this). I've been trying to read on the problem and I've found it can be caused by surgery.( My surgeon said he's never heard of this problem after surgery)

I'm happy you got an appointment with your new ENT. Like I've told you before, you deserve your trip to Florida. Nothing should keep you from going and enjoying yourself. I'm looking forward to wednesday so I can learn what your ENT thought. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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