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I have a few questions for ya'll if you dont mind. I was Dx September2003 with thyroid cancer. Had surgery in Oct. took out one side and they said the samples from the other did not show cancer. I was given the option on the floow up visit of having it removed anyway because we were doing fertility treatments and the tumor they took out was right at the size where they will elect to remove all. And with the hormones I was taking could cause some pre cancer cells to grow. So they removed the other half in Dec., and I did RAI in Feb.2004. Since then I have not had any of the swelling your talking about but I do have dry mouth really bad. Even while drinking water or anything else it feels dry. But the water makes me throw up. I have burns that went down my throat and in my mouth. Cant taste or smell. My doctor said that the burns have caused my sinuses to swell and that is why I cant breath through my nose or smell anything. The burns have also caused my ulcers to bleed some. So I have that fixed this next week. And I have migrain headaches now. My doctor put me on 100mg of Synthroid and 5mg of Cytomel twice a day right after RAI. He said he wants me to stay on that for 3 months and will check it then to see if it is to low or not. Does not seem right to me. I have had my levels drawn by another doctor and it is really really low. So why do I need to suffer threw all the effects of to little thyroid just because a doctor wants to play the wait game. Have any of you dealt with these side effects or a doctor like this? How long to I have to feel like crap until it is over? I cant even get this doctor to return phone calls. If I did not have such a complicated history I would let it slide. I feel like a idiot when it comes to this. I have learned all about liver and kidney problems because I was pretty much forced to. But there is not enough information out there about thryoids and what to expect with cancer or the treatments for it. So I have researched and asked questions and I still feel left in the cold. Any insite?