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Hey Chulupa....

I'm still awake. :) Now what you said here helps to explain more to me. I too have hypothyroid/autoimmiune type, (Hashimoto's) When my levels were off, even slightly, I felt thee worst...I mean even my acid reflux was a 10 on a scale of 1-10.... Some ppl say that once their levels became optimal, they can get off the meds, [for AR] and feel fine]. I wasn't so lucky. I have tried to get off of them, and the pain returns, with a vengence too.

About your levels, do you know what they are? Sometimes, [often] our Dr's will tell us that our levels are "perfect", when really they are not. They really just don't know better. I have a pretty good endocrinologist, but she doesn't know everything, I HONESTLY know more than she does about this thyroid disease, because I have researched it inside and out. (I have at least 9 thyroid books, and lived on this computer for at least 2.5 yeaars researching it extensively, as I was just so desparate). She would tell me my levels were "perfect", and I finally started telling her that "well, they may *look* perfect, but I don't feel 'perfect', in fact I feel far from it".....even when my TSH was 1.8. So I'd ask her for an increase, (I was taking only Levothroid then), and she would give it to me. ..."So long as you don't go below the range, 0.2"....okay, fine, I'd tell her. In time I asked her to let me try some Cytomel, [T-3], and that helped me tremendously. I don't think I would be well today without it...I know I wouldn't. That is what helped me become truly well again.

About that pressure on your head, Chalupa, I have had that same symptom, and the [truly awful] severe pain, [but it only lasted a few seconds] behind, [also] my left eye....weird huh? But that was when my levels were still not optimal....so it does make me wonder what your levels really are, hon?

As far as your having all of those PFT's done, and chest x-rays too, that is wonderful news that everything checked out well, a-okay! GREAT!! And your heart tests....I've had all the same done as you too. Also, I really sympathize with you, as I know....it's impossible to work and function with all of that horrible chest pain, and burning, bad breathing, etc. I was luckier than you though, my kids were grown, and even though I hated not working any longer, I can stay home and we live comfortably. I'm grateful for that, but so sorry for you. It's not fair, I know.

I am also wondering....I'm almost sure you've had an endoscopy done already? Have they done any other gastro tests...IE; abdominal ultrasounds, check your gallbladder, everything else....there are so many tests they can do on your digestive system....to make sure that it's not acid reflux, and may be something else?? What happens if you don't take your Prilosec....does the pain become worse?

Please don't worry about the head pressure too much...I swear to you I had the same thing...and I was very worried at first too, and that painful fleeting pain behind my left eye...like in the socket...I about jumped outta my chair whenever it did happen. It for the most part did go away, but do you know that every now and then, it happens again? [not often though]

I take Prilosec OTC also. They give me generic Prilosec at my clinic, but it doesn't seem to do the job at all. Prilosec worked better for me than Protonix. Did you say that you've tried ALL of the PPI's? How bout your diet? Have you cut out coffee, tea's, etc....acidic foods, sodas?

Please if you can...what are your thyroid levels? I'm very curious?

Bless you girl...
Hello again Chulupa...

Your thyroid levels seem more than efficient, but how is your T3 doing? (Do they ever test that one?) It looks like your FT4 just went over the top...is that right? What is the top of your range there? If 1.8 is the TOP of your range, I'm just wondering if she might have [been better] to have reduced your dose only by .12, instead of .25? Maybe you might want to ask that over on the thyroid board. But one thing too, for sure, if your levels are too high, that too can make your AR worse. (I once went hyper, and my acid was the worst!, and my endo said that was a telltale sigh)

Wow Chululpa, it sure does sound like they have covered pretty much everything at this point, huh? Do you have other digestive symptoms, besides the AR? Have you ever tried using some Malloxx [or such], for a week or two, to see how it would help you if you "coat" your stomach lining? I did do that once, and found that my pain went almost all away. I didn't really like using it, but I thought what can it hurt, for a week or two? (They prescribed it to my dad [when he was about 75], as he had had a burning pain in the pit of his stomach [for over a year too...so that's why I tried it,..it worked for him so maybe...].

He was one man to never complain about his aches and pains, but he told me this was killing him. I begged him to let me take him to the Dr., [as he was a man who would never want to go to one], as he was staying here visiting me....so he did let me take him to the Dr. Well, believe it or not, that pain went away in 1 week, after he gave it a try, and what was so amazing was, it never came back. (I had read somewhere, once, that sometimes that stuff can heal ulcers, for some people) So I tried it too last year, when my stomach [AR] was killing me. I really was surprised at the [great] relief! I didn't just use it now & then tho, I used it like 3 x daily for a couple of weeks. I don't know what my dad's problem was, [they never ran any tests, they just told him, 'if it's not better in a couple of weeks, come back...'], but his pain never did come back. I don't think it was AR, as he didn't have those type of symptoms, but he just held his hand over his stomach and said "it just burns right here, real bad, constantly".

I can [honestly] see, Chalupa, why you wouldn't want to get pregnant right now...you have enough problems with that pain to want to go through all of that....being pregnant is hard enough, isn't it? Your Dr's sound great, as far as covering all bases...geez, I don't know what to say. DO YOU think it is solely acid reflux? (Did you say too that you also had a HH? I think you did?)

Chalupa,...I tried that Celebrex too a couple of years ago, and I tell ya, it was great for any pains I had...they all went away, (I was just starting thyroid meds, and had so much pain, and all of my knuckles were killing me) but I couldn't BREATHE when I took that stuff! Honestly,...it scared me so bad...so I quit taking it, of course, right away. I found [another] board, where people were talking about taking that drug, [and good and bad side effects] and found a few others who said they couldn't breathe on that drug as well! I was upset, because it sure did help the pain. I was already short of breath, but it made it so worse.

Chalupa...what are your Dr's saying to explain your weight loss...that would really have me the most concerned? (Do you think it's your high T4 levels?) Are you still losing?

Just curious, chalupa, about your throat symptoms? What does that feel like? I had a feeling of tightness in my throat...like it was closing up? It felt so scary. Even my neck muscles, [on the outside] would spasm and get tight feeling....scary.

Well, I better go,...I just want to say, don't give up...stay in touch, and keep on searching. Let's hope you will feel a lot better with this reduction in your
T4 dose. I do remember my endo doc saying that, [about sure sign of hyper was AR], so let's hope. But please, if you haven't got your Free T 3 level checked yet, please try to do so,...I started really healing and getting well with the addition of Cytomel. And maybe try that Malloxx....just to see what happens.

Have a great holiday...as much as you are able to, and God bless...