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Hi There..i Am Glad I Found This Site ..i was Diagnosed With Hemolytic Anemia For Approx 14 Years Now..i Have Had A Splenectomy, Been On Various Doses Of Prednisone, And Now Receive A Combination Of Prednisone 12/mg Every Second Day, And Also Receive Immuniglobilin Every 3 Weeks..this Combo Was Working For About 4 Years And I Have Now Had A Major Relapse Which I Can't Figure Out..i Wonder Do Others Have These Major Relapses And How Do You Handele It..my Dr Has Just Put Me Through 4 Days Of 40 Mg Of Decatron (type Of super- Corticoseroid dose) And 50 Mg Per Day Of Immunoglobulin To Stablize The Hemolyis And We Are Waiting To See If It Works..i'm Trying To Maintain A Normal Life But Find It Difficult..i Wonder If Others Are Also Experiencing Relapses And What Other Approaches You May Have Used And If They Have Worked. I already have had the negatives of steroids such as diabetes, and osteperosis..Is there any hope out there? i would really like to avoid going on stronger immunosupperants such as imuran or cytoxan..wonder if any of you have had better success with other medicsuper ations?