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Good morning,

I'm almost at home alone. I have a little more than a week before surgery and had to stop taking the Motrin. I thought I could be tough and not take anything. Well, that didn't work. The doc prescribed Darvocet-N and it doesn't seem to work as well as the Motrin. Beats nothing.

I'm pouting right now because I planned to see a movie this week but thought better of it. The last time I went I would slide down in the seat, twist about, put my legs on the seat in front of me, stand up, etc. I spent more time trying to get comfortable than I spent on watching the movie. I don't remember what movie it was, so I decided to stay home. I've just been home, home, home. Okay, I'm going to stop this tirade.

Welcome Pumaknight! I haven't had surgery yet but I've learned a lot from these ladies. The support you receive is awesome and you ask whatever questions you want and one of them will answer you. I really because I haven't had surgery yet but I never run out of things to say.

Kristen, my daughter's team won 2nd for Small Military. They're at the end of the competition season and everybody is so happy. She's at school from 6:45am 'til 9:00pm. Most Saturdays she has to be there at 4:00am. She was in 4 dance routines, I told her it was too much, she didn't listen. She's 14 and knows it all. She confessed that it has worn her little body out. GOOD!

My doc said that while I'm in the hospital, they will start my pt. I was so shocked I didn't think to ask him what, but I'm sure it won't be that much. I'm also wondering if I'll be in a corset. See, I'm getting goofy!

I'm signing off and will be checking in later today. Have a wonderful and painfree Monday.