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I have been on oral meds for almost two years now. I take Zanaflex for muscles spasms, Vicodin for break through pain, Ambien to help me sleep and Daypro which is an antiinflammatory to help with the joint pain and swelling. I have had the catheter in for 2 mo now and last week I had to have it removed because it clotted off after getting dislodged. They put it back in this Friday and it is back to working again. Having it our almost a week was pure torture. I was in so much pain that I looked like a fish out of water. I could not sit still, be touched or even like the feel of someone breathing on me. I am glad to have it back in and I am dredding the day it comes out. This is only temporary. They can only stay in up to five months.
Let me know how it goes.