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I've had RSD for about 6 years. I also have lupus. I've noticed people here have the same symptoms as me. The burning, pins and needles, numbness, and joint pain. It started with my left arm and now it's in my legs and feet. Has the RSD travel from your affected limb and then progress to others for anyone? I had a wonderful dr. that took care of my problems and managed them well after my rhumy left the area. Long story short, my dr. of 16 years is probably not coming back to the office. The other dr.s probably ticked him off is my guess. The office kept on making up different stories which are not true. I went into these other dr.s and can't stand them. The one dr. increased my neurontin (which I told him that we had done that and had to go back down) and said it's side effect would possibly make me drowsy. Nope it makes it to where I can't remember a darn thing or what task I was trying to finish. Then he wanted to decrease my plaquenil from 3x a day to 2x a day, I've done that and it puts me in a flare! I'm just so fustrated. Then I asked for my refill on my pain meds Loratab and Ultram (which I take Loratab once a day if needed and 2 tabs 3x a day on Ultram) and he refused. He told me that the office does not prescribe narcotics for chronic pain. I just about went through the roof. I've been on all these meds for 7 years and have not changed my doseage for 6 years on any meds. So I told him what am I going to do for pain and he said take asprin, tylenol or advil. I just wanted to tell him don't you see I'm on plaquenil and Daypro and it will counter act, but I kept my mouth shut. So, I can't have ultram and said no. He finally said he would give me Loratab. Now if I was a dr. I would rather give ultram. Go figure? I don't like taking Loratab because you can't drive when your on it. I only took it when the Ultram wasn't enough that day. My other dr. had no problem giving them to me and I NEVER ask for them early. My pain was managed well. Now I'm in so much pain that I don't even want to move and I can't use my left arm and hand. Here I was able to have somewhat of a life before. I still had to be careful what I did, but now I can't do anything. They don't want to fill my ambien either, which I'm in so much pain that I can't sleep at night. They have been so rude to me. I felt like I was a drug addict. They did tell me to go to a rhumy or pain clinic. Then when my dh called in for a refill on his meds and they asked what dr., then their mood changed. They asked what medication he would need and he told them ritalin (he has adhd (big family history of it). Well, I don't think the dr's will fill it. Called him back and said he would need to come in, just like they did to me. He's been on this for 8/9 years along with some other that are assoc. with the disorder. I'm sorry to vent. Now I have to find new dr.s. I'm sick and tired of being a guinea pig. I've had breast cancer & multiple surgeries from it, radiation (which caused my RSD), raynauds, cardiomyopathy (heart damage from chemo), and lupus. I'm lucky to be alive. I know how to manage what I have and been able to live somewhat of a happy life. Now I'm depressed because I can't do anything. Try typing with one hand. I tried taking tylenol for the pain and all it did was make me nauseated & headaches. I stopped taking it and my nausea and headaches went away, just the pain stayed. I do get headaches sometimes from RSD, but usually like a sinus headache. Do any of you take pain meds like these for RSD? Ultram helped alot. Or maybe I am a drug addict. I just need some encoragment. I don't know if this is typical with anyone else. Thanks for reading my long sob story.