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Thanks for the advice Dave, I think I caught most of it but my brain isn't working so I wanted to explain a little more of my story. This is a workmans comp case so I am limited on what doctors that I can see. I have not had much success with the doctors they offer. I just seem to get the runaround. I have not has sugery (yet) Doc said he would do the surgery if a PM would say that I did not have RSD. PM released me say that I did not have any symptoms and majority of the pain was mechanical. After that the Doc said he stil wasn't sure so NO surgery. I continued in PT for a total time of 12 weeks. I have been on several meds Daypro, Vioxx, Viccodin, Bextra, Limbitrol, percocet and now the neurontin and Oxy. The reason for such a low dose of Oxy and only once a day is I refused to start with more. I am only allowing myself that and the max of 2 percocets a day. I just want to get the edge off and I will deal with the rest of the pain. I just don't like the way they make me feel and I hate taking any kind of pills.

I did get a second opinion had the Doc said that he would not do surgery now because of how far out it is for the original injury, but if I am not better in 3-4 months come back and he might consider it. So now I am back in PT, not walking, in a fog and trying to work and have a life. Eventually something has to give right? (sorry that is just the frustration talking). \ :confused:

Hope your are doing well, thanks again. ;)