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Hi healthy2b! I am new to this board and only just now saw your post. I am wondering how your mom is doing now or what if anything she has decided to do? I am not quite her age but have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my knees. Dr tried me on Daypro which my stomach could not handle and it didn't really seem to help my pain anyway. I was afraid to try any other meds. I got to the point that I could barely walk anymore. A flight of staris could literally take me 5 minutes to climb and my husband needed to take full responsibility for grocery shopping since I was unable to walk for any period of time. I began taking nutritional supplements about a month ago. Two in particular (since I see she tried Glucosamine 1500 mg. and Chondtroitin 1200 mg.). One of these does contain those ingredients as well as some others. Since starting the supplements, I have had little to no joint pain anymore and can enjoy going shopping with my husband again. I still take it easy on stairs but even that is getting better. But I must say that I am totally pleased with how they have helped me and have heard of others folks that they have helped also. Hope this helps!