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Last summer, I started to get a "cyst" between two knuckles on my right hand. The swelling went down and there was no pain, so I didn't think a trip to the doctor was necessary.

Three weeks ago, the cyst came back (swelled) along with pain. The pain feels like it is in entire back of my hand but mostly the knuckles, and sometimes the wrist hurts too. Sometimes the knuckles feel warm, which I know is a sign of RA. When I use the hand, the pain and swelling increase and at rest it goes away. Within the last three weeks, a second cyst has come up between the knuckles of my right hand.
In the last week, a lump between the knuckles has come up on left hand and two smaller lumps seem to be starting between the other knuckles on the left hand. The left hand doesn't seem to have any pain, however, I do have stiffness in the morning in both hands but it's not very painful and goes away quickly. Some days I experience very little pain and other days, the simplest task causes great pain.

I am confused because I've not seen or read anything about swelling BETWEEN the knuckles. The only swelling I have right now is BETWEEN them. Also, I've read that if you have arthritis in one hand you will definitely have it in the other. However, I don't have any real pain to speak of in the left hand - just the cysts that are starting.

My doctor thought I had tendonitis and put me on naproxem. The naproxem did NOT help! If I use the hand, the swelling gets worse and when I stop using the hand, the swelling does down. The medicine had no effect - but the side effects of it killed me! He changed me to Daypro and I couldn't take it. I just couldn't go through those side effects again!

Has anyone heard of swelling between the knuckles with RA? I have a second doctor's visit this week and need to know if I should bring up RA to him. PLEASE HELP! I am really scared so any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!