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hi everyone! I've been reading for a while, but I have soooo many questions because I was dx'ed with FM & CMP a month ago.

teenie bit of background:
I'm 26F, neck/shoulder/arm on one side started having extreme pain in July. Half my face was numb, nauseus all the time, burning pain in ear. I used to have to go home from work it was so bad, I couldn't think/see straight.saw lots of docs, had tests over next few months.
Most said I was in too much pain for painkillers, but here's what i"ve tried and hasn't worked: Amytriptolene, celebrex, daypro, mobic, prednisone.

A rheumy dx'ed me; is good, well reccomended, a FM specialist, and I like him a lot. Started me on Cymbalta (40mg's a day). I'm not normally forward with the docs, but I asked for pain medecine and he gave me ultracet, which was GREAT...once. It worked the very first time, and hasn't done a thing since.

I've also been going to physical therapy and working on excercising.

After 1 month, went back to rheumy, said cybalta wasn't doing anything for the pain AND it was making me soooooooooo sleepy, and ultracet only helped once, could I try something else.

Sadly, he said stay on cymbalta, it could take longer to work - but if the sleepiness is still a huge problem, he will give me something else. So I sleep. All the time. Unless I'm in too much pain to sleep.

For the Ultracet, he gave me relafin bc he's 'hesitant to give someone in pain so much of the time and so severly harsher painkillers'. I'd heard that before from the other docs, but it really upset me. I've been trying the relafin, but it hasn't done anything except make me sleepIER!

(sorry, this was supposed to be a *short* message)

I guess my ? is...does anyone else have this problem getting pain medecine?
I know enough to know that it may not help, but I'd at least like to try something stronger. I know the docs are worried about addiction, but I'm worried about MY LIFE. I've been pretty goood about taking the whole thing in stride (first all the docs & test & pain, then the dx, therapy, sleepy meds, etc.), and been optimistic, but its hard to after 6 months of constant ( minus 3 hrs of ultracet!) pain.

I'd love any advice from anyone, about anything! This is the first time I'll be
hearing from people who have fm...

Thanks in advance