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Hi there, Sophie! :wave: Guess who?? :D

If you're having pain, definitely call your doc and ask for some meds - though it might be too late now, on a Friday late afternoon/early evening, going into a (probably?) long week-end... :( I hope you were able to get something today, or do you have any pain meds left from before? My doc made my last Rx with 3 refills, and I just filled the 2nd one, so I'm in good shape there - I also have my regular pain meds (for chronic back/neck/arthritis pain), which do help the foot as well, thank goodness!

I'm having a really hard time with the transition as well, (you probably saw my other post, about crying last night, etc.) The more I put weight on my foot, the worse the pain gets...

As far as stomach problems from the Advil - if you make sure you're taking it with food and/or milk, that may help. You can also take tylenol at the same time as advil, as they are a different class of med. (If you have other pain meds that have tylenol in them too, though, don't take extra tylenol on top of that). I've had stomach problems from various anti-inflammatories (advil, vioxx, daypro, celebrex, and a few more I can't remember - for arthritis), and when it got at it's worst, my doc said it was starting to "eat" a hole in my esophogus, and he gave me Rx for Prilosec. I took that for a few weeks, then cut back on the anti-inflammatories for a while. Then was more careful about taking them with food/milk - usually that works okay for me, though I do now take just one 200mg. celebrex/day, instead of the 2/day I'm supposed to be taking. I take occasional advil as well, always with food/milk, or I *will* start having stomach pain again... (if it's not one thing, it's another, huh??) :rolleyes:

Boy, do I hear ya on the house being a disaster!! :eek: Fortunately my 13yo daughter has been pretty good about helping - otherwise I think it would be declared a disaster area and be eligible for FEMA help!! :eek: LOL! :D It's pretty much impossible to do any thorough cleaning when you're on crutches, huh? (OR laundry, OR much cooking, etc.)

Well, I know you already know this (and don't want to hear it any more than I do), but I guess you (and I) will just have to back off a bit on weight-bearing on these dumb wimpy feet of ours! It is very frustrating, isn't it??? You're probably just as ready as I am to just throw away all crutches, boots, and anything else that's been in our way up to this point... But I guess we'll both live if we have to wait slightly longer to go tearing around again.... (or won't we??) ;)

Hope you have a good week-end, and not too much pain.