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I just did some research on kidneys. The test I had done was a creatinine test. They do this every time they draw blood. Normal levels are .5 to 1.1. The older the person the lower the levels. Mine have been 1.2 for the last several times. Today it was 1.3. She is concerned. I am to do IV M & T then W do fluids, T & F IVs and Sat fluids. If the next creatinine test is still high she will change my daypro. (stronger than motrin & is filtered by kidneys)

and the clinda!! the worse med I have been on. makes roadkill feel like wk old road kill. So hard on the body. maybe kills to much to quick. makes nausea twice as bad.

Hope you are doing better. Hope all your "systems" are back to normal by the time you go back to dr. Take care and prayers....Marsha