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I had Polio at 6 months age in 1953. The symptoms included pain and then paralysis from my waist down. According to my Mom there was a miracle and I recovered back to normal. Life has been pretty good. Type A personality. Hard driving workaholic.

Now here I am at age 53, on high blood pressure medicine, anti depressants and just in pain of some sort all the time. I’ve always had some sort of pain but it’s always be diagnosed as arthritis or muscle pulls. Usually take Daypro when it’s bad. But most of the time I’m in pain. Mainly my legs, hips and base of my neck. I also had muscle spasms and lockups in these same areas. If nothing else it the body aches. The pain and lockups have been increasing the last year.

I’ve complained to my Doctors but cannot get any help. When I mention Polio it seems to just shut them right off. I’ve contacted various medical institutions and hospitals but have not had any luck getting any medical records or proof that I had Polio.

Can some one please help me understand how they diagnose PPS. Is there a some type of testing they do ??? Do you need old medical records ??? What am I up against here ??