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Hi To All,

I'm new to this board, but not to this site. I usually post on the depression boad, since I was dx'd with chemical depression when I was 19. (long, long, time ago.)

My arthristis started in my hips, then knees, which are by far the most painful of the two. Now I really need advice bad in this field. I don't know all the terms yet, and I think that stems from my family dr. thinking I should just accept the arthritis and sees no need to send me to a specialist.

I can handle the arthritis everywhere except the left knee. It's very swollen on the inside of the knee and has been for about two years. I have fallen a lot because that knee is unable to do much as far as climbing up one step. If I forget and start with the left side when stepping off a curb, I can almost bet on falling down.

The falling has me very concerned because I had surgery last July18 to remove the large bone in my upper left arm. There was a five inch tumor in the bonre. I had to go to Indianapolis to an orthopedic surgeon oncologist. He's a great dr. but that surgery is the most painful thing I have ever gone through. I'm still on pain patches but weaning off pretty well. The good news is I'm cancer free, but he checks me often. After my next visit, I won't have to go back for a year.

I have made this way to long and boring. I don't know all the arthritis terms yet, so please be patient. I was never told what kind of arthritis I have. I do know a dr. in the ER put osteoarthritis on my discharge papers once.

I'm on Daypro, which helps with everything but that darn knee. Does anyone have a clue or suggestion what could be keeping that knee so swollen and does anyone have swelling with their arthritis?? It's always on the inside of my left knee. It looks like I'm carrying around a gallon of something there. I'm pretty scare. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading this. Please take care.....Connie :confused:
Thanks so much for replying to my post. I feel that you gave me some good advice, and some things to look into. I will try the supplements you mentioned because the Daypro isn't doing a thing.

I appreciate the help and I feel better since I heard from someone that knows what I'm talking about.

Thanks again and please take care.........Connie :wave: