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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) (CRPS) board

Hi Cajamajo,

I'm also new to the board so welcome to both of us ! I too have RSD as a result of a botched bunion surgery on Feb 17th.
It has changed my life completley. I use to be so active, always on the go.
Now the only way I'm on the go is with either two canes to walk with or a wheelchair. I still work full time but have to use a wheelchair at work as I tire easily.
I too take Lyrica 900mg soon to be 1000mg. I back it up on bad days with Percocet and also take 800mg of Daypro. I try very hard beyond this to keep my spirits up though on some days it's hard.
I'm sorry to hear that you too are in the RSD club. It's a horrible condition and one so very few have ever heard of. I've worked in the medical field for many years and never heard of it until I got it.
Ditto on the people not wanting to hear about it. In the beginning it's all care and concern then..... You know the rest unfortunatley. People need to walk a mile in our shoes. They have no idea.
Welcome to the boards and I will also look for posts from you. Take care and I wish you a pain free day tomorrow:-)