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hey Julie..I am a 55 yr old female with as..I have had all the usual pills...daypro, vioxx (sorry bout spelling) bextra, and the only thing that helped me ( I have had it for ten years in hips and back and neck) was a bc powder the green kind but I took two at a time untill eventually I was up to 100 of the dang things a week!!!!!!! Now I am off of them due to eroded esophagus and a very bad stomach ulcers and the whole bit...I knew they were hurting my stomach but they worked so good and so fast.So this is to tell you not to do as I did....I went to unc at Chapel Hill today and I am going to start remicade...........I am very scared of all the side effects but I have got to do something or I will be in a wheel chair...There is an ankylosing spondylitis foundation on the internet.Just type ankylosing spondylitis organization in your search box and there are loads of info there..Hope this helps........Kathy