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Hello to all,

I was dx'd with osteo about seven years ago. I have it in my hips, knees, and shoulder. I'm not bothered much anywhere except my knee. It's killing me!! I have swelling on the inside of the joint and the pain seems to be located just below my kneecap. I have fallen on that knee several times so that probably hasn't helped. I was taking Daypro but stopped because it wasn't helping. I have another x-ray Monday. My Dr. tried to drain fluid from the swollen part but there was no fluid there. I have had cortisone injections but get no relief from them. The is going to sound crazy, but I feel the pain through my sleep at night sometimes. I don't have much pain while sitting though.

I am tapering off fentanyl transdermal pain patches that I have been wearing since 2005 due to a malignant tumor in the big bone in my upper arm. It took four surgeries to remove the entire bone and replace it with an internal titanium prosthesis. I was on 100mcg/hr and went down to 75mcg, then to 50 and now I am wearing a 25 plus and 12 and ready for my next cut. I hate the fentanyl because it's extremely dangerous and addictive. As with all opiates, it's not easy to get off of by my Dr. has been a big help. I have no pain in my arm but I sure do in the knee. To me that means it will probably hurt more as I go off the fentanyl completely.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice about osteo in the knee I would appreciate hearing from them. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Take Care.....Gypsy