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Thanks Reach - I will judge my pain scale after this drug is completly gone from my system! I will try to ignore my pain until then.
Godness, you've had a tough road! You are a very stong person. I hope your doing well with your taper. The more posts I read here the more I'm realizing that these drugs will get to even the strongest of individuals. There seems to always be a down side to everything!
I've been on daypro before and had some serious stomach issues - unfourtunaley. I contracted IBD a few years back from a rotten appendix.(E.R. doctors misdiagnosis!) I can take the regular doses of motrin though - so I guess for now thats it.
I'm just hoping that they tell me the MRI was normal. To think that 2 weeks ago I was praying for a diagnosis to get more drugs! To think that I was hoping for something to be wrong with my back just to feed my addiction! Being clean now for a week makes me realize how crazy that sounds.
I also have some overwhelming guilt about being dishonest with my Primary Doc. I was getting scrips from him AND from my orthopeidic Doc. It's amazing to me they never found out! The trouble is both of them are very free with these scripts.
I have to be very careful. I've read that it's even harder to stay off these pills then to come off! I never want to go through this again.