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Hi FroggyFog, I hear you about the relief of pain by meds! I haven't one that really works. I was newly diagnosed with RA, and the Insurance Co. approved the Embrel, and now I'm afraid it won't work for the pain I have. My fingers and feet are swollen. My hands look awful. I'm on Daypro, Lyrica, Effexor, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and what more could I be on. I'm also on Methotrexate, and Folic acid. The Metho. doesn't seem to be doing anything. I don't know how long you have to be on it. But maybe I'll find out next week about the Embrel. Another thing I'm tired of is Dr's that say there's not such thing as Fibro. That just makes me see red. God luck in finding some med's that might work for you. Message me soon, even just to talk. You were nice enough to message me when I first got on the Message Board. Take care, God Bless Dottie 51