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Hey Dawg! My main problem now is an ache in my left tmj that varies from dull to more sore around dinner time - that and the tension headache in my left temporal side. Overall, im a lot better but still have at least one episode usually late in the day - per day.

Biofeedback has helped me be more aware during the day of when i am tensing up. It helps you find the triggers during the day that make you tense up, and how to relax. Its not a 'cure' per say in its own right but it definitely helps. (For me one of my triggers is definitely computer use.)

Last weekend i stumbled onto something that helps me a lot. Most of the time, my sinuses flare up when i have a tension headache coming on. Ive taken a lot of different muscle relaxants and daypro, etc and they dont seem to help much when a tension headache hits. One thing does and i even found it online after i started putting it together. Benadryl. Do a search on the web for Benadryl and tension headaches. :)