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I haven't found out when I go in yet. I put a call in.. I figured it would be a while though.. So no biggy.. I did receive alot of comfort from the lidocaine.. 1 1/2 months is long time for someone who has chronic pain.. Yes I was told each one you it last longer.
I am not sure about anti-inflammatory meds.. only non steroidal meds. I've heard of some RSD pts who have taken just ibuprofin for the swelling to others usuing celebrex, Daypro.. I also think even through Neurontin is not a anti-inflammatory drug.. Its also used in pts with RSD to help with swelling..
Hope this helps..
I gald you found some comfort today.. Sounds like you have some nice support going there. Hang in there.. What have you decided about the EMGs? Let me know..
Thinking of you