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I'm new to HealthBoards but kind of a veteran re. spinal cord stimulators (SCS). After a failed discectomy in 1989 (resulting in right ankle pain) and several other procedures including a 2nd discectomy, I couldn't walk by 1992. The MD in 1989 had nicked a nerve in my spine. Physical therapy, an ankle operation and 30 - 35 epidurals hadn't work at all.

Miracle of miracles, in 1992 a Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon implanted perhaps one of the original Medtronic SCS. Only the electrodes and a receiver are implanted in mine; the box containing the 9 volt battery and the controls are external.

It's been working wonderfully well since day 1. In 1995 four new electrodes were implanted giving me a total of eight.

Having moved three years ago to Charlottesville, VA today I saw the pain management MD at UVa Hospital. I wanted an MD closer than Johns Hopkins aware of my extant situation just in case. He prescribed lidoderm patches to place on the pain area as necessary. The pain level is about a three now and I've learned to live with that. The patches will hopefully reduce it even further. He also prescribed 600 mg Daypro, an anti-inflammatory to reduce ankle, low back and arthritic pain.

Keep the faith and don't give up!!