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Honestly, i started really coming along when i started physical therapy and started going to the gym again. My PT told me that the muscles that ie into the temporal area, the trigger points, etc. are all like an interwoven web that goes from your Temporal area all the way down into your neck and shoulder. I have a problem and have for a while on one side with muscles in my shoulder. She informed me that with me - she thought they could be related. (I was impressed with her, i mentioned nothing about this old injury and she told me by the definition of muscle on one side compared to the other, it was not as developed/had suffered an injury - which impressed me a lot in giving her instant credibility). My therapy was in strengthening these problem areas, combined with trigger point therapy on trigger points located on muscles below your ear, and ones inside your mouth in the back corners. What i noticed after a couple weeks was the muscles were starting to be 'tight' more in the temporal and tmj area than they were hurting. This pattern continued with less and less pain, and just some tightness. She also got me back into the gym, running 1.5 miles, and lifting some weights. Its really been a domino effect. As i felt better from less pain, i could do more at the gym, and i slept better. Last week i stopped taking sleep aids, and two weeks before that i got myself off of daypro.

Biofeedback helped, but i think the therapy combined with the splint is what has done the work. Let me know if you need anything.