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Hi All,

I did speak to my doctor's PA, and she reassured me that I should be fine with stopping the Lyrica and starting the Neurontin. Her explanation was that these two drugs are from the same family, and the warning regarding the possibility of seizures when stopping suddenly is really meant for those patients who actually suffer from seizures, which I do not. It would have been nice if the doctor could have told me that when I asked.

I also told her how my insomnia got irritated by the Relafen and Ultram ER, and she was surprised. She said "we haven't had any patients complain about that" to which I responded with the fact that I've been seeing a sleep doctor for over 15 years and my sleep is so sensitive that taking the wrong vitamin supplements can stir up my insomnia. I told her I was still needing something for pain, and without seeing me again, they cannot order any narcotics. She called in Daypro (Oxyprozin), a NSAID that she says should work better for me. So far, I'm not impressed.

The reason for the mulitple doctors:
1) Sleep issues - chronic insomnia, sleep apnea and Restless Legs Syndrome; all of which could require a sleep study from time to time
2) Nerve/spinal issues - degenerative disk disease in lower back, pinched nerve in neck -- these have required spinal/cervical injections and my Orthopedic Surgeon also does Pain Management (supposedly)
3) Fibromyalgia, fatigue, weight, hormonal problems, overall health issues -- I go to an internist who is the only one of the three who really tries to take into consideration all of my health issues when treating me, but is limited when it comes to spinal problems and sleep studies. When I saw her last month, my tendonitis had really just started, and she was able to refer me to a great physical therapist, but because I've continued to use my arm fairly actively, it has worsened. At my follow-up with the OS, he diagnosed "tennis elbow" and gave me a brace at the same time he took me off the Lyrica and gave me two pain meds that were bad for me (he'd previously given me Celebrex which does not do a thing).

I am frustrated. I believe the OS/PM doctor has basically ignored my overall health issues and is just focused on my spinal/cervical issues, with a sprinkle of the tennis elbow/tendonitis. I get the feeling that he and his staff think I am just exaggerating my pain. The PA said they were starting some new physical therapy methods that I should look into (oh, and by the way, they own the PT clinic), and I told her I'd been getting it elsewhere for over a month already, and it's not addressing the pain that I am having. They must think I'm a druggie or something, but they really don't consider the whole package, like my internist does.

I called my internist and she is looking into other treatments for me, since she doesn't like to prescribe narcotics due to the tendency for dependence. So, I feel like I need to find a PM, or the Physiatrist that you mentioned, cmp. They can consider not only my nerve pain, and my tendonitis pain, but also the Fibromyalgia pain. Since the OS cannot give me any more injections or steroids for several months, I don't see the value in returning to him, especially since he seems reluctant to treat my pain with anything but NSAIDs.

It is frustrating. Since stopping the Lyrica and starting on the Neurontin, some of the nerve pain is coming back. It's not as bad as prior to the Lyrica, but I can definitely feel it, especially at night. I still have swelling, although it is not as bad as it was on the Lyrica (my toes and tops of my feet are puffy, but I still have ankles).

I have less than three weeks left before hubby's job goes away, along with my health insurance. It is likely that we will get a different provider once he does find a job, so I feel like I should probably tough it out until I know what network we'll be on before I look for a PM doc. I know I'm going to be miserable until then, but I've been suffering anyway, so what's a few more weeks? I don't really have much choice.

Anyway, that's the scoop. Thanks for your prayers and concerns, and for the advice. I really do appreciate it. What would I do without my PM friends? You are a huge source of comfort and encouragement to me! You are all blessings from above!