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Hi All,

You may remember that I started on Lyrica for nerve pain, but the doctor abruptly stopped it and switched me to Neurontin a few weeks ago because of the severe side effects I was having. I was taking 150mg/2x of the Lyrica; I am on 1 600mg dose of the Neurontin at bedtime. My nerve pain has been breaking through with increasing frequency, so I know something will need to be changed.

How much do you take, and how often? I go to the doctor next week, and really need some advice on how to approach the whole PM thing. I also have a really severe case of tendonitis in my dominant arm, and so far, have gotten no relief from Ultram, Relafen or Daypro. This doc seems reluctant to give me anything in the narcotic family, and I'm not sure what I should ask for.