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Hi all,

In addition to my nerve pain, this tendonitis in my right arm is just killing me. I've been going to physical therapy for 9 weeks and still suffering greatly. The doctor has given me Ultram ER (gave me insomnia), Relafen (also gave me insomnia), and Daypro (didn't seem to help much and gave me nausea and diarrhea).

The only thing that has been helping the pain is some Vicodin I had left over from a previous injury.

Is it unreasonable to ask for this type of medication to relieve my tendonitis pain? Are there any NSAIDs that are effective?

What do you take/have taken in the past for long-term injuries that keep you in pain? I am taking Neurontin right now for the nerve pain, and I know I will need the dosage increased (from my current once a day, 600 mg) because the pain is breaking through, big time. But I need relief from this other pain, too.

Help!! I go to the doctor on Thursday and want to be able to suggest or reject things....so your advice is really desired and appreciated.