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Hi All,

I wanted to give you an update after my visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon. If you've been following my saga, I have been suffering from severe nerve pain as well as a really bad case of tendonitis (tennis elbow), in addition to my chronic insomnia, fibromyalgia pain and restless legs syndrome. I had started Lyrica and took it for over 3 months, but had to go off since my side effects were so severe (weight gain, swelling, tiredness). I also failed with Celebrex, Relafen, Ultram and Daypro; they either didn't work, or made my lower tract very upset, if you know what I mean....

So, after this visit, the doctor upped my Neurontin dosage to 600mg, 3x a day, plus gave me Valteran (75mg, 2x), Zanaflex (3x day) and Vicodin for BT pain. For sleep, I take Ambien CR plus Promethazine (Phenergan) and Mirapex for RLS. Occasionally (frequently, lately) I take Xanax. What a walking drug store I am.

The doctor had abruptly stopped the Lyrica last month and put me directly on a single dose of Neurontin. My insomnia has been pretty consistent for the last 2-1/2 weeks, and I'll bet it is due to stopping the Lyrica cold turkey. I hope it improves soon, because I am a zombie. Does anyone have a time frame for that? I am really suffering at bedtime from this.

But the new meds seem to be helping the pain. I am ramping up on the Neurontin, going to 2x a day for a week and then to 3x. I am a bit sleepy, but I haven't been sleeping well at night, so it's hard to say what the reason is.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions/advice, and encouragement. I appreciate it and will update you when I have a better idea of how all these things are working.