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Before my surgery I was taking Nabumetone for arthritis pain in my knees.
My script called for one 750mg tablet twice a day, although I rarely took the second one, due to stomach issues, although I would take Tylenol to go to bed. Before my surgery I used to complain to my doctor about the HMO no longer paying for Daypro, which is why I started the Nabumetone, as I preferred the Daypro, less side effects. Now I am awaiting the day I can start taking Nabumetone again. I had forgotten all the little places the aches & pains of arthritis were bothering me at. BTW, I have what I call a hot stomach & acid reflux; one of my daily meds is Omeperazole to help control the amount of acid in my stomach. (That is why I usually only take one of the Nabumetone, as they can cause problems)

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