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Hi: I've donated blood for surgeries many times, and am glad I did, so I didn't *have* to use the blood bank. I've had many back surgeries and on the first 3 didn't donate and had to use the blood bank for tranfusions. This was many years ago, and it was before they were testing the blood for Hep C, so I'm lucky I didn't pick that up. My husband actually got Hep C from a transfusion, but today they screen the blood more carefully. Even so I would still rather have my own blood, just in case.

If you didn't want to donate for yourself, you can always ask someone else if they want to for you, but that's up to you. Donating blood is pretty simple so I've always used mine when I had to. I also had the cell savers used, but if they have to give you any type of coagulant meds pre-op, like DDAVP or Cyroprecipitate, they can't use the cell saver. Those meds thicken your blood so they won't use a cell saver in that case because it clogs up the equipment and then doesn't run right. I also lost 4 units, I banked, on my last surgery, because 12 hours prior to surgery it was canceled due to a hospital emergency; I had the 4 units but you can only keep them for a limited amount of time before they have to be frozen, and the surgery was put off for another month. In my case my insurance wouldn't pay for the freezing of my blood, runs several hundred dollars a unit, so in the end I had to use the blood bank again, and toss my 4 units. I wasn't too happy about this but what are you going to do, back surgery is a bloody surgery, like some others.

I have a bleeding disorder where my blood doesn't clot, but didn't find out about it until my 3rd back surgery. I can't tell you how many test's I've had to have just because I recieved transfusions from the blood bank. I know that we want to think our blood banks are disease free, but unfortunately that isn't always the case, my husband is an example.

I'm sure you'll do well and your surgery will put you on the road to recovery real fast, Good Luck...