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Hi Anna: Do you know the name of your clotting disease? Does Thrombocytophenia or VonWillebrands type 1-3 sound familiar. If you haven't seen a hematologist, you probably should. Both of the above cause bleeding probs during and after surgery and sometimes spontaneous bleeding, and it needs to be treated prior to having any surgery.

Do you also have heavy menstral cycles as well? I have Von Willebrands type 1 and have to have transfusions and pre-op medication before *any* surgery. The meds they might give you if you have this or Thrombocytophenia is DDAVP or Cryopercipitate. Thrombo... is also called ITP or TTP. There is no treatment for Von Willebrands, other than pre-op meds, but there is for Thrombocytophenia. If you had Thrombo... you would have a LOW platelet count, and possible some bruising.

Talk to you mom about these two blood probs, because it's imperative to be prepped with meds if you ever need surgery again, and if you were to have either you need to wear an emergency bracelet. Von Willebrands doesn't necessarily give you a low platelet count, but your symptoms sound similar to both, but may also be neither. I bleed profusely when I had my tonsils, appendix, etc removed, which were done before I reached 17. It took years to dx it, so I don't want you to go thru what I did for years before it was dx'd.

Don't worry about either of these, until you see a hematologist. Von Willebrands is not life threatening unless it isn't treated properly, and Thrombo... can be treated with various meds. Either of these are not unusual in someone your age, my problem started when my menstrual cycles started at 12.

Look into it just in case, if you haven't already. :wave: The blood disorders board has alot of info on Thrombo (ITP or TTP) but not so much on VonWillebrands.
Hi Anna: A hematologist will just do blood tests to confirm that you have VWD and what type you have 1, 2, or 3. Even though it may sound like a unfamiliar blood disorder, it is really common.

I've never had any treatment for it, except what I mentioned, and that was before surgeries with clotting meds like DDAVP and Cryro. I was told to wear an emergency bracelet, because if you were in an accident, they would need to know that you are a bleeder. As you mentioned simple things like cuts, or tooth extractions, will cause bleeding. Since everyone is different we all bleed different amounts.

The test you mentioned *sounds* like a bleeding time test, but they usually make a small cut on your arm and then time how long it takes for you to stop bleeding.

The main thing you need to avoid is aspirin, or anything with aspirin in it obviously. I would try and see a hematologist, who will do some blood tests-no big deal-to find out what type you have. VWD is a factor 8 deficiency, meaning your platelets don't work properly to clot your blood.

I haven't been to a hematologist lately, but maybe there are new things being used for this disorder. Because of your age, I would be careful with contact sports, because a simple cut could cause a lot of bleeding. Just remember, this isn't a major problem, unless you need surgery, and in that case there are meds to control the bleeding. Make sure you tell any Dr you see that you have it and which type 1-3, so it's in your emergency records.

Good luck, I saw your other post on BDB so maybe others there can help.:wave: