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I just wanted to mention that this unreliability in the amounts of meds isn't exclusive to just opiate based drugs.My son had a liver transplant done at the university of Minnesota,and at the time(june 2000)as part of the myriad of anti-rejection drugs that he took, one of them is prednisone.while still at the U,after transplant, they will change dosages and certain drugs around until they hit on the perfect combo that works best for each patient.They used, exclusively Deltasone and no other brands,ever.I was told that the reliability with the Deltasone was much more consistant than any others that they had tried.when he was released,before we started using the U's pharmacy exclusively, his Rxs for prednisone stated specificly that he was to get Deltasone only.when you are taking the prednisone to prevent rejection,once they find that perfect dose, if you waver on the dosage either more or less,mostly less, it can easily start the rejection process.So we ALWAYS made sure that he was always given the deltasone.We are now using the U of Ms specialty pharmacy exclusively.Its really been great.They call at the beginning of the month for the med order and it is delivered within a week,sometimes sooner.And i always know that his meds and dosages will always be the same.we have enough to worry about,at least we know his meds are exactly what he needs and consistant in their strength. Marcia