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I do believe that Teva also makes a generic brand of OC and I have not seen the same bad rumblings about it as I have with the Endo version.Could you ask your pharmacy if they could possibly try to get THAT particular OC?I have never had this kind of a problem before with any generic pain med.we did however have a huge problem with my sons prednisone.He has a transplant and his meds need to be exact or he will risk a nasty bought of rejection.He was stabilized on Deltasone at the hospital after Tx and was supposed to continue on the Deltasone speciffically when he was discharged but unfortunetly the resident who filled out his scripts, forgot to specify the Deltasone type pred and one month later my son went into rejection.This was my first introduction to the world of the supposed "generic equivalent".I had assumed that all generics had to be the exact equivalent of the brand name.Not so.his surgeon explained that there can be a rather large disparity in the actual amount of active drug in any given generic and it would still be named the equivalent of.my was i ever suprised.i am just wondering exactly how much real oxy is actually contained in the endo product.Whether this is the problem or if it is with the delivery system(it IS very different from the Purdue version)who knows, but something is just not right and it does not work as effectively.It will be interesting to see just how this all plays out.i hope you can find a med that works for you.See about the Teva brand,at least it is a possibility.i don't know of any other co that makes a generic version of the OC but if another one is out there I am sure someone on this board will know about it.I really hate being a guinea pig for the drug companies and their "newest" wondermeds.marcia