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hey 55?jut an FYI here but believe it or not,any generic med ONLY has to contain as little as(don't quote me on the specific numbers here,give or take a bit)between 85? and can go up to even over the 100 by about 10mgs to 110% of the active ingredient and STILL can be called 'equivalent".my son almost died because this is allowed with the prednisone he had been taking for anti rejection of his brand new liver?only because we had not been given the actual deltasone(pred generic) that he had been stabilized on in the hospital,the one we got from our pharm was just not 100%,he went into rejection.once he was back on deltasone with the very exacting doses that tx patients require,he eventually(a week in the hosp later) was fine.this is when i was introduced to the land of so called "generic equivalents' it doesn't always happen,trust me.this is just what we have been told so we just accept it as true.

the epilepsy foundation is having fits right now becasue alot of these seizure patients that they once had completly under control with brand name neurontin,some started having break thru siezure when they got switched to the new generic versions of gabapentin.they stated in this little chat i listened to that any generic can contain that 85-110(overdosed) amount and can still be called generic equvilant.it really is sick.the big things with any transplant pt or epilepsy patient is their stabilized doses just HAVE TO be exact in order to maintain a certain status.so these are the patients where you really notice when something is not enough or just too much,they have 'something' happen as a result.this is a pretty sick thing to do but the FDA has been aware of this for many many years.i found out about the 'generic equivalent " crap back in 2000 with that rejection scare with my son.this info came directly from my sons transplant surgeon,believe me the Tx surgeons are aware.i just cannot fathom how they(drug co) can do this with the FDA knowing full well the possible consequences of even allowing it.its a pretty sick thing to do to trusting patients ya know?the sad thing for epilepsy patients is if they have one siezure,they lose their driving privledges for at least a year,til they can prove no siezures.believe me,alot of generics just are NOT the brand name equivalent,or even from one generic to another.unfortunetly,some things you find out the very hardest way possible.just thought you might like to know this.have a good day 55,marcia