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hey sammy.you know,there IS a flipside to being in the 'chain' pharms,at least i have had the benefit really help me many times.the thing about like walgreens is they have like about five of them around me all within just about a ten mile radius.when they have been out of a particular med,they can send me and my Rx to another one and it is still considered the 'same' pharm by my PM since all records are kind of accessable thru their computer systems.this "benefit' alone has saved me a ton of headaches thru the years,espescially when it came to my class IIs.since they wont fill a partial on my oxy,and i use the brand name only,this has been a godsend for me over the past four years i have had to be on this crap(they always carry my oxy now).i had used a target way back when cuz it was right next store to my primarys and it was NOT a great experience there at all either.i think that is more due to it being a major dept store with ALOT of one timers and no real continuity with many patients.where i am at right now with my WG has really been great and i have never had a huge problem that they couldn't help me with.but i am there ALOT between my meds,my sons meds and my hubbys stuff.they REALLY know me at this point.i don't even have to tell them my name anymore except when there is like one new person there or someone i don't know.

in your particular situation right now with that surgery coming up,this 'could" be a problem and what will you realistically be able to really do once that surgery is done,ya know what i mean?maybe doing this after your surgery is done and you are once again more stabilized on your meds may be a better idea if you want to switch then?are you going to be changing ALL yours and your familys stuff to this new one too?if you don't take everything to this new one,it may seem a bit odd to the new pharmacy,you know what i mean?just some thoughts to consider.

asking about the generics they use i wouldn't think would be an odd question if you preface it with ,while some generics are fine,i do know that with some particular generics,there can be bioavailibility problems and i KNOW that the FDA allows in some cases,a very wide margin of just how much real active ingredient goes into certain generics(this IS a fact and has been proven over and over again).they DO know this,espescially with all of the newer generic anti S meds that recently came out?there is a huge difference there with neurontin and the generic gabapentin,huge.just ask the epilepsy foundtion.i am going thru this nightmare(again,tho the first incident almost killed him) right now with my son who is taking trileptal for a bi polar disorder?he,two months ago,when the patent ran out on the tri,he got switched to the generic version of it,and has been suffering really horrid insomnia(we are talking days here with absolutely no sleep) about one month into the "new" generic.we just started him back onto the brand name yesterday to see if the generic is the problem.his doc agreed with me that this could be the problem,so we are doing it.this same kid almost lost his new liver only because we did not get the very same prednisone for one month that he had been fully stable for about a year on?it started the rejection process.got him to the hosp and back onto the deltasone he started out on and the rejection(after also a ton of other nasty steroids)process stopped and he went home about a week later back on track and we have had no problems(knock on wood here) since.go figure.this is how i found out about the alleged 'generic equivalent"back in 2001,from his Tx surgeon.pretty sick.the thing is,when they actually checked his pred level,it had been about 20% lower than it should have while on this wonderful generic equivalent.i myself had a huge problem with the endo version of the oxycontin.it was in no way shape or form the 'same" as the brand i had been on for like years.it just did nothing for my c spine pain and that is always where i feel that first release when i use the NB version.it never 'happened" with the endo.big nightmare there.

if you talk with any pharmacist about any generics just tell them you KNOW without a doubt there IS a very big difference with some generics.it is happening everywhere sammy.people who need meds that have whats called a narrow thereputic window/index(like Tx patients) and epilepsy patients,this is the group of people who are suffering the most.they just require very exacting doses of a med to keep some major 'consequence' from occuring.if they don't get that balance perfectly.they suffer some horrid event.i would do just a bit of research before speaking with any pharm just so you know your facts and can really speak from research to them.tackling this from that angle would really be your best bet and not make you sound like a drug seeker looking for the best high,you know what i mean?you just want the best med for your pain.

the thing is,if you really look,the research and the facts on this are out there.this is just being a well informed consumer and trying to get the best for your money and also protecting your family from certain types of 'events'.i sure wish i had known this way back before that incident almost killed my son.thats just so incredibly sick,really.i would actually show up at the pharm to speak with the new pharmacist and not do this over the phone.it would probably come across better,you know what i mean?

but like i mentioned before hon,you may want to wait til well after your surgery and not do this before or immediately after just in case there is some sort of problem.you are just going to be having to concentrate on yourself and really don;t need a pharmacy hassle while you are recovering from this shoulder crap,you know what i mean?i know i wouldn't go there with mine coming up.i got enough to worry about and i know you do too.just a thought hon.just really do some research before speaking with the new pharm.good luck sammy.keep us posted onwhat you end up doing.marcia