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Hi Cherilyn,

I was on deltasone. I think my treatment only lasted about 6 months and my testosterone and DHEA sulfate were back to normal. That is so nice to hear that you got the proper diagnosis.
[quote]Originally posted by cherilyn:
i too deal with excessive hair and acne. i was put on spirnolactone 6 months ago and it has been a miracle. although it can take up to a year to help hair, my cystic acne is totally under control, with minor flairups during my period. what treatment are you on? i too was on every medicine since the age of 13 (except accutance) and nothing worked. it took me to the age of 32 to find something that works. please let me know what type of treatment you use. it's nice to know i'm not alone out there :) :)

That's why it's important to go to a specialist.

Poreoilyme, are you a guy? If so, that's probably why you were blown off. Over and over I hear how men don't get treated for excess testosterone levels out of fear of chemical castration or feeling less masculine. Those men who decide to take Saw Palmetto (similar to spiro) have felt less "alive" and saw variable results in improving their skin. Then again, they tended to overdose on it, whereas us women can take 3-5x the amount and still not see a postive effect. Although, there are some women who see a postive effect while taking less than 200mg...

I will say that for any of you, I'm surprised you aren't taking an anti-androgen such as Spironolactone, or similar drug. Not only is it for cystic acne/oilies, but it helps with hirsuitism, and in the prevention of cystic ovaries (if that's a concern). That's what's rather odd, why they won't put men on this drug for acne, since it's used as a blood pressure medication to begin with??? The dosage that you would take wouldn't be that of the above, so "certain" side effects (I certainly never got them), may be less likely to occur, if at all.

I know that Diane 35 contains cyproterone (right?), but I'm aware of others that also take Spiro in addtion to this BC or others brands and have seen positive effects. While, taking Prednisone (deltasone) or Dexamethose glucocortocoids have helped to decrease hair loss and acne in women and men (LOCCAH dx), that would also explain the boosts inenergy. So it's very surprising Janet, that your doctor took you off of this drug. Then again, it takes a couple of tries before you hit the GOLD or PLATINUM of doctors. Heck, it took me 8 years of seeing doctors, specialists, before I found a good endocrinologist =)

Understandly you don't want to be on that drug for the next 30 years and while I've heard that the adrenal glands can rebalance itself, I'm surprised that it would happen in 6 months time. I'm even more suprised that he didn't give you anything for you excess hair. The drugs work, but usually ONLY while taking them and enough time off of them and your problems will come back. While Prednisone isn't prescribed to specifically to eliminate current body hair, the only thing that is supposed to do that would be Spiro or Flutamide etc. Of course there's other drugs and alternative treatments out there that have had varied success with acne/hair issues too.

So I guess the bottom line for those intersted, is that it just depends on your particular hormonal imbalance. The only way you'll ever know is to keep trying to see a specialist. The more time you have wasted by them, the more crazy your hormones will get, the more excess hair you'll get, etc. Yes, once you get it, it's not as easy to lose (you have to wait for the follicles to die, some do some don't). Depending on your age at the time of proper diagnosis & treatment (puberty vs. adult), somethings can be reversed and other things...can't

Say Janet, did you lose any body hair? How is your hair growth and acne now? How's your energy?

Hi SweetJade1,

yes, I think you are very right about how important it is to get a good doctor (and one that knows what the heck to look for) and I did hit a goldmine when I found Dr. Petak. When I was first tested my testosterone level was over 800. I cannot remember what my DHEA Sulfate was. But in around 6 months my count was down to around 100. He said that some people are treated and released from the program while others have to be on it for life. I was lucky. There was no reason to keep me on the deltasone since I was in normal range and I looked and felt absolutely awesome!

As far as hair growth, the drugs can slow the growth but never alleviate it all together. Dr. Petak told me that once a hair folicle gets a taste of male hormone, the hair is there to stay. However, it can be treated successfully with electrolosis and the lasers. I have elected not to do either of those. I just have to shave my legs everyday and I get my arms and hands waxed. ...and just pluck the ones on my chin. I tan also and so people cannot see it when my stubble starts coming back between arm waxes

I was on deltasone for about a year to a year and a half. But when my testosterone and other tests got down to normal levels, he took me off. And I have been fine ever since. .....I was 22 years old when I got off (finished deltasone) and now I'm 36.
Yes, with my hirsutism, I did have to take medication for under two years. It was called Deltasone. I went to an endocrinologist to run the necessary tests. I later asked my derm why he didn't test me and he said he didn't realize it was that bad. It was. Upon getting the results of my tests, he said that this was one of the worst cases he'd seen (as far as my test results). But even though I was a bad case, I didn't have to stay on meds that long.