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No I never took anything besides opiates. I took the pills but have also slammed 200mg of straight Demerol into my veins before. I would have taken anything with opiates in it except herion(Oh ya..I had the gall to think I was better than those who took "street drugs") I thought because it was made for medical purposes of a prescription I was better that them...NOT. Yep, I took them only because I liked feeling high, or not high because after a while the feeling changed...it was to feel what I thought was normal. I decided I needed help and checked into a rehab center...but I was not serious about getting clean, I was outta there in less than 24 hours. Got outa rehab and went and went straight to slam a big dose of Demerol,which I am suprised did not kill me because I injected so much so fast I fell to my knees because I almost passed out...but it felt great...the rush of getting a fix in the middle of withdrawal and craving. I failed detoxingtwice before I got serious. I was sosick of the control they had over me, I actually started hating the pills. I you read any of my posts will in the middle of detoxing thats what I kept writing...God I hate those pills" I kept re-enforcing positives. And this board really really helped.
Is this person wanting to get clean? They at least have to admit they have a problem and know they need help or nothing anyone can do will help them. I only got serious after I almost gave my mother a mental breakdown because of my actions. She finally brok down crying ang begging my to let he help me...it broke my heart so much to what I was doing to the people I loved the most. That is when I got serious. I tried tapering..worked for a while then I broke. Finally...a few darvocet to help the symptoms and I grit my teeth and took care buisness. Anybody that is not addicted has no idea how jhard they are to quit. BUT the good news is that it can be done, even if you fail at first, if you keep trying and with help it can be done. Have you asked this person if he/she needed help or do you know for sure?