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I only smoked pot once in high school, drank never until I detoxed and had a wine cooler that make me sick, and was clean and swore off drugs until...I got a vicoden from my grandmother for minor injury...the high was great and I was off to the races...Vicoden led to Lortab 10mg, about 40 a day on average, then Ultram, 30-40 a day average. Demerol IV once. Xanax, which alomost overdosed on and killed myself. Ultram angain/Lortab...then c/t baby and current is NOTHING!! YEA!! Took Ambian, Serax, Valium,Darvocet to help w/d symptoms...now only my anti-depressent Remeron, vits, and tonight nothing. I am opiate free and feeling better and fresher everyday.