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My situation is I am around the stuff all day...I could call in a script for Lortab at anytime, I could call the Ultram/Ultracet rep and getthem anytime, and have acess to Demerol and Duragesic patches in the cabinet that could be used easily. I was tested only when the Ultracet rep came in but never caved. My cravings are completely gone and feel I have passed a few test and think I am going to be alright. I dont dwell on the past, but go to NA meetings(not my personal favorite group, but it will do) and come to this board. I will never forgetthe hell I went through to get off and that I remind myself of just in case.

PS..I just got my drug test results back...NEGATIVE for opiates...it did show a positive for Serax. But I wanted to go do a drug screen just for myself to feel good about it...Is that weird?

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