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Lisahubb: Please calm down some. It makes your stomach worse believe me. I have had 3 bleeding ulcers. Usually alcohol, avil, or anti-inflammatories can cause this. Or a combination of all.

I have also had 3 scopes put down my throat and slid down into my stomach. It is not pleasant but not as bad as it may sound. My bleeding had stopped which means they done it just to make sure.

I have not heard you meantion the black tar yet. That is the most diqusting part of it all. It will take a few days to clear your stomack depending on how much you have been bleeding.

I can tell you they almost put you out....they gave me demerol and some other meds to calm me. I needed it and they said I needed anxiety meds. I told them I was already on them.

I think you will be fine. I think if you were bleeding bad or dangerous...they would have already done the scope. The scope is unpleaseant but if you can keep breathing out your nose you should be fine.

I do hope you are ok and keep us posted. Take care Lisahubb, (((hugs))) Risky Business :angel: