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I wonder about my family history too...I watched my grandmother, who had had a problem since her early 30s, literally die from addiction to so many different drugs (but my mother was adopted by her!)She was on a little bit of everything, but that was the 70s and I don't think doctors knew as much about over-prescribing the elderly! I used to steal her Tuinals(sp?) and Demerol from her when I was in Jr.High...those were some mighty powerful drugs back then...I don't think they even make Tuinals anymore! My parents used to try to talk to her about quitting, but it never worked, so they always gave up...I do remember seeing her nod off very often and always had slurred speech! But as for my mother and father...neither one of them has ever had any problems with addictions that I know of and won't hardly even take asprin! So I wonder sometimes where this came from...I'm guessing I just have that sort of personality because I can't quit smoking either!