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Kitty...thanks for the reply! My willpower (ha, what there is of it!) failed about midnight and I took 2 of the vics...its ok, I knew I would...I'm not gonna beat myself up over it, even though i wish i coulda' been stronger! I've never had any problems with the zanax I'm on...except once I thought my doc was going to take me off it and i totally freaked out! I was crying hysterically allnite and hubby finally got me to tell him what was wrong...I had a long discussion with my doc and luckly he didn't take me off them or I'd probably be in a lunitic hospital by now (LOL!)..after reading some of the posts about how bad the WDs are with zanax...now I just get so parinoid at the thought of it! Hopefully that'll never happen...as i said, I've never abused it so there shouldn't be any problems! So have you told your doc about your addiction problems? It might come to that for me, but I am so afraid I would have trouble getting something for pain next time I "really" need it! I have such a low tolerance for pain and a high tolerance for meds! Ever worry about that? Oh and I'm right there with you on being the "bad girl"...once I faked a backache at one of those "in and out in an hour" places when I was desperate...they only gave me a script of 15, but I was happy to get that! Also once I went to the ER with a fake headache and they gave me a shot of demerol...no meds and I slept a whole darn day away...I was mad that time! LOL! But thats about the extent of my "badness"! TC!

Phil...thank you too! I was wondering, can't tell by your posts, but are you clean? If so, WTG!! Maybe cold turkey is the best way for me to go and I'm sure I'll probably end up giving that a try! Aren't the craving always there though??
Mama- I can tell you going and "faking" a headache 2 time's is nothing to be ashamed of. I got to the point where I was in my local E.R. 2-3x/week!! They all knew me by name, and before I was ratted out by my Dr., they were straight 50mg of demerol I.V.(told them it took to long in the hip [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/dizzy.gif[/img] ) I'd walk out w/ 10 perc's and a script for 15 fiorinal 3's...... But, as I said, my Dr just happened to be in the hospital( his office was there 2 day's/week so I was carful not to go when he was there)They sent me up to him, and he tried to put me in rehab. I just laughed. After he realized ALL the things I was taking, the dumbby wrote me 180 lortab 10's????? Needless to say, he is on the run! Dirty DR!!( a friend, at the time, left him coke after each vist. Great ethic's, eh?)
And as for laughing, it's the next best thing ;) It releases all kinds of goodies to the head( like N2O, nitrous oxide, whew I could write 5 page's on huffing 220lb tank's of the medical kind. Used to stay up for 3 days and huff the sh--) Oh, what I've done to my brain, it just ain't right!! This from a guy w/ a 130+ IQ, so my brain must have had some xtra's to kill!
I hope you have a great weekend,
by the way I blame that dr. of nothing, eccept being dirty, cuz he never shoved anything in my mouth!

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