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[img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/yawn.gif[/img] Yew, what two days I have had. I was glad to be back, but I am soooo tired!! Sorry I have'nt written. I think I will be back on track next week. I had to edit my one reply. I wasn't sure about other's seeing where EXACTLY I live!! :D It's funny, I kind of felt like, after being on my feet for so long, like my "female insides" were coming out! Then I remembered, I don't have much down there anymore!! I think I have been over doing it. It is a weird feeling. I did miss my customers alot. I am going to write the board at the hospital. I feel they really need to know about what happened to me in my words. There is more than one way to "skin a cat". So to speak. I will tell them because I "do not" want this to happen to anyone again!! They did send me a survey to fill out, again. I don't think I told you of the first one I filled out. I told them how I was treated by the nurses. ie.. push call button, took 20 min. to get to my room. Mind you, I only pushed it a few times. I had to clean my own bedpans. Threw up all day after surgery. I had never done that before under anst. I asked, finally for some pain meds., they couldn't find mine!! Bull!!! A nurse pulled on my foley cath. It came out, and she just stood there while my mom grabbed a towel and helped me. Oh, I could go on. I am not just a whiner, I was truly treated poorly. Shame on them!!! So, yes. I will defintely be writing them. How have you been!! I get off work at 4pm daily now. This is my weekend to work though. I work every 4th weekend. Next week, like I said, I should be back to a regular schedule. I was in the ER again on Sunday. The ER dr. didn't want to touch me with a ten foot poll when he had seen all the complications I had had over the past 2 months. Just sent me home with a shot of Demerol, and a prescription. The shot didn't work. The OB who did my surgery is blaming the pain on the sling surgery, to talk to the Urologist. [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/dizzy.gif[/img] This is how I feel. They just keep blaming each other. So off to another OB in 2 months. It takes that long because I am "new". I really don't think any dr. will see me. The other two made such a mess of things. It doesn't hurt me to try though. Well, I am going to close for now. Hopefully things are well with you! :D
Your friend, Annie