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i think my sister-in-law is addicted to oxycotin... she claims to suffer from migraines..which is half true because sometimes she does really have headaches but she abuses so many different drugs that i think she has to use the headaches as a way to get her drugs......it really got bad when her husband had back surgery and she had axcess to his pain meds.... she was always taking his pills and she started going to the er to get demerol shots..this was 1 or 2 times a week and her dr even warned the local ers not to treat her with narcotics.at that point she found another dr.so in the meantime she used up her husbands pain killers and smokes pot constantly now she has found a dr that has been willing to perscribe oxycotin...wich may not be so bad except the last time i visited her i saw a bottle of oxy that had 60 pills.that seems like too many at once,like if he perscribed 15 at a time she would be less likely to over-use.i also wonder how much ethier rebound headaches or even withdrawls are causing her headaches.i may seem like i dont believe she has migraines and here is y i suspect she lies sometimes.it seems that anytime she doesnt want to do something she has a headache,but she uses it like a tool,for example if her kids are being rowdy or hyper she will tell them its giving her a headache.her headaches are her reason for never holding a job in her life.she doesnt take care of her house,kids or husband becuase shes always sick.but she will go play bingo and go the the auction or bar even though she says she has a headache.if i have a migraine all i can do is lie in bed and puke.i wish i could function,but it only happens 4 or 5 times a year.for her it is 4 -5 times a week.that makes me think its all the pot and pills shes always on.....if anyone has expierence with the early stages of drug abuse let me know........
thanks for the information..i guess what really worried me was one of her previous drs seemed to see she was having a problem(the regular demerol shots)but all she had to do was find another dr.the oxys are by rx.but shoulndt her new dr be more aware of her past medical record?with such strong meds i would think the drs have a responsibility to be sure theres no misuse,dous anyone think the pot smoking adds to the desire to abuse meds?