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Hey, I'm with the group on this: don't worry about what your doctor will think of you or your wife, worry about the baby! It is true that narcotics aren't supposed to hurt a baby, but in that amount, who knows? I got injured when I was 7 months pregnant, went to the ER and was put on hydro. I was scared about the baby but everyone reassured me it was ok. However, my doc said that if the baby was born while I was on them she'd need to be monitored because she could have breathing problems and withdrawal. They said if they didn't know I was on pills, they wouldn't be looking for that. I was off the pills, but even the shot of demerol they gave me in labor was reason to keep my daughter under close watch when she was born. As far as drugs go, she's probably doing the least harmful one for pregnancy, but they don't really know!!! Please tell the doc and let us know how it goes.