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I only have had one withdrawal experience before the one I am about to go through, but I can tell you what happened with me. I went c/t, and didn't tell anyone what I was doing (I have husband and 7 year old, or as I usually say, I just have 2 kids!) Anyway, day 1 felt like crap, days 2-3 I threw up and had diarrhea constantly for 48 hours. Husband figured I had food poisoning or stomach flu, finally I was so delirious he took me to the ER. I stuck with that story there too, and kept complaining of the pain from throwing up so much that they gave me demerol or morphine or something. Felt GREAT for the rest of that day, back to throwing up even worse the next morning. Took the 2 10mgs I had left, felt better, then right back to the w/d's. See a pattern? I was constantly throwing up, no sleep, no water, no food, for ANOTHER 2-3 days. So I figured I just prolonged the agony by taking the stuff at the hospital, and then taking my hidden pills. I'd like to hear from some vets if my assumption about having prolonged the agony is correct, or would I have thrown up for that whole 5 or six days regardless?

Good luck Cass, you are in my prayers.