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wowosmama, I truly feel for you and understand your frustration.

You said you wanted to know if anyone else had been in a position of not being able to get a diagnosis...well, I'm beginning to think I'm the Queen of No Diagnosis! :) I can't remember having any diagnosis made the last three times I was ill or in pain...and it's never been hinted that I'm a hypochondriac. Right now and for the past winter I have been feeling physically well. It's great to feel good for a change.

I have had strange things happen and like you, I ended up having to do some searching myself after getting nowhere with my doctors. They are great at fifty million tests but not so great at finding an answer as to what is going on.

One incident happened when I had a severe bout with a kidney stone and went to the ER. They gave me a shot of something in the doctors office before I was taken to the ER, then they gave me three more shots of a "new" pain killer they were trying out while there. After getting home and getting over the incident, about two days went by and suddenly I became extremely weak. It got to the point that I couldn't walk without help. I shook all over. My family thought I was going to die! I went back to the doctors and they did blood work and other tests and couldn't find anything. Then I didn't even have the strength to go to the doctors' office. I was like that for six weeks and all that happened was, they'd call once in a while to see how I was doing! I have my suspicions that this "new" pain killer poisoned my nervous system.
I am very sensitive to meds anyway, and it is very likely.

I also had problems with my pelvic area where I couldn't sit without extreme pain. I also became weak with that, too, but it may have been because of the pain, I don't know. But, there again, there was never any diagnosis because the X-rays didn't show anything...like X-rays are the answer to everything. Anyway, I ended up not being able to stand or sit for more than a couple of seconds because my legs would give out and the pain was too much. Even laying down was awful! Weeks went by and nature took its course. Fortunately, I lived :)

I was put on a cholesterol medication (Lipitor?) and I got extremely ill from that and quit it. Doctor gave me another and I refused to even try it, because I knew it was going to give me a bad reaction. I also think I have been poisoned from too much vitamin D because I was taking calcium with D and I became very weak again and was bedridden. I stopped taking it, and started recovering soon after.

Sometimes I think medications are more harm than good, and if you are anything like me, this could be a lot of your problem.

My H can take tons of meds and nothing happens! Some people just are sensitive. I always have my doctors give me small doses of anything they prescribe no matter what it is, because I know myself well enough. (The second to last kidney stone I had and was in the ER, they gave me a small dose of Demerol and ended up having to give me an antidote because they couldn't wake me up!! :)

So, wowo, it might just be you are being given meds that are poison to your system even though they are meant to help. It's pretty crummy though, when you have a serious problem and the medicines that are meant to fix things end up exascerbating the situation.

Prayers for you darlin'! Hope things change for the better!