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I have had A number of Endoscopys done to check the condition of my esophagas. (BarretsSyndrome) They all were very easy to experience. in my cases i was given demerol iv followed by versed (an amnesiac) to place me in what they call a twilight mode. It means you are sedated for the procedure and you LITERALLY will not remember the procedure happening. Most scopes use this, hence it is important that you have someone who is able to bring you to the appointment and bring you home after. You may already have been prepped in this regard by your doctor as it is important in terms of liability, (No driving that day, no work, go home after, do not go out, or eat out, do not sign legal documents etc.....)
Anyway if you are scoped in a similar manner which i suspect is the case, its a piece of cake, I think you may have to fast for a minimum 12 hours
Good Luck!