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I don't know what it's really like for a heavy narcotics IV user, I'm 39 now, and when I was 20-21 I was bumping Dilaudid 4mg 4 times a day. But what put the hook in me was after surgery in July 1998, was supposed to be on Morphine pump for 2 days, ending up 5 days and they where changing it all the time, plus they where giving shots of demerol every 6 hours, I quit everything Feb 2000, Went thru rehab and stayed clean and misable for 3 years, I take from 12-24, mg of Suboxone per day, Before I went on Suboxone I was taking 80-100 mg of methadone. Worked very good, When I switch, My Dr told me to take 1/4 of a pill then wait for six hours. I was at work I didn't know what the max was. Called in sick 2 days, Went back to work looking like death, call the doctor and he said to take it to 8mg per day, worked much better, but a few days later I called and went to 16mg per day, finally starting to work, They don't reccomend going from methaode to Suboxone until your can may it on 30-40 mgs per day, My first three days where the worst, until I got to 16mg that I started feeling normal, I now take between 12-24 per day, and I work hard to do that. I think the switch over is much harder for Methadone, than from hydrocodone. I did have a very rough first 3 days, and a hard time for three weeks, but the freedom is well worth the pain